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Following registration, select a test order that you can make. Don’t be afraid of this step! Making a test part helps you understand our requirements and helps us understand the way you work.
The test order is paid like a regular order.

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If the test part was completed successfully, then congratulations! You are now officially Xometry Partner and you have access to thousands of orders from our clients.

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Produce five real orders with good quality and timing to become a trusted partner. Being a trusted partner ensures access to the biggest Xometry orders and exclusive features.

What Does a Xometry Order Look Like?

Detailed information

  • Each order we publish includes detailed information, such as material, finish, dimensions, etc., along with accompanying drawings


  • Each order has a price we pay you
  • Test orders have a fixed price.
  • For real (non-test) orders, partners have the opportunity to propose their own price if the provided offer does not suit them.


  • Accompanying drawings are provided with each order.
  • Partners can download the drawing to analyze whether they can produce the required item.

Material and Technology

  • The type of material required for the order is clearly stated.
  • The manufacturing technology required for production is always indicated.

Delivery terms

  • Clear delivery terms are outlined, including shipping method and timeframe.
  • Each order specifies the date by which the item should be produced and dispatched.


  • Terms and conditions are transparent and clearly visible.
  • Partners have a full understanding of the terms related to pricing, production, and delivery.

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Which Orders Will I Get Access to?

Metal parts requiring CNC machining, turning, milling, or drilling

Precision parts for aerospace, automotive, or industrial machinery, such as engine parts, structural components, or custom-made gears.

Sheet metal products for various applications

Custom enclosures for electronics, panels for appliances, or parts for automotive bodies, including computer server racks, air conditioner casings, or car body panels.

Laser-cut parts made from a variety of materials

Precision cut parts for intricate model kits or architecturally significant decorative panels. This includes highly detailed parts for scale models and aesthetically pleasing screens for architectural applications.

Plasma-cut components for industrial and artistic purposes

Heavy-duty parts for construction equipment, custom signage for businesses, or unique metal artwork, like large-scale machinery parts, company logos, or metal sculptures.

Waterjet-cut parts made from a range of materials, including metal, plastic, and composites

High-precision parts for aerospace applications, durable components for marine equipment, or custom shapes for composite material products, such as turbine blades, boat propellers, or carbon fiber frames.

3D printed prototypes or end-use parts using techniques like HP Multi Jet Fusion, Fused Deposition Modeling, Selective Laser Sintering, Stereolithography, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Carbon DLS™, or Polyjet

Rapid prototypes for product development, complex geometries for medical devices, or low-volume production parts for specialised equipment, like product mock-ups, surgical guides, or drone components.

Injection-moulded plastic parts in a variety of shapes and sizes

Durable housings for consumer electronics, high-volume parts for toys, or specialised components for medical devices, such as smartphone cases, action figures, or casing for handheld medical devices.

Compression-moulded or vacuum-cast parts made from a range of materials, including rubber and silicone

Seals and gaskets for industrial machinery, custom moulds for food production, or flexible parts for medical devices, like engine seals, chocolate moulds, or silicone heart valves.

Die-cast metal parts for a variety of applications

Robust components for automotive engines, detailed parts for model toys, or high-volume hardware for furniture, such as engine blocks, miniature car models, or metal drawer handles.

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Advantages of Working With Xometry

New orders every day

Our Network includes 25,000 clients from across the globe and the number of clients in our network grows every day. Among our clients are private individuals and large international companies, including BMW, NASA, Dell Technologies, Bosch and many others. The orders are genuine and come from real clients – you shouldn’t look for orders, just apply, await confirmation and then you can start working.

Easy and free

The Xometry Partner Network is free for partners to join. There are no transaction or service fees and there are no commitments to take any number of jobs per month.

Orders from anywhere in the world

You don’t need to worry about looking for clients– you will see the orders in your account. Order information includes the price, terms and any other relevant details. As we take care of all communication, you don’t need to worry about the language as we will provide you with the information in English.

We value diversity

We collaborate with businesses of any size (even the smallest), with different technical profiles, technological processes and materials used.

You don’t need to worry about logistics, marketing or communication

We will take care of all of these. You don’t need to speak foreign languages; we’ll take care of the communication.

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