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eBook: Mastering Tolerances for Machined Parts

We've compiled our best design tips into this ebook to help you learn how to determine and define CNC tolerances. Read more about fits, datums, GD&T, and more to start designing more precise parts for your projects.

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Guide content

  1. When to Use Specific Tolerances
  2. General Machining Tolerances
    • Bilateral Tolerances (inches)
    • Tolerance Standards Used in Europe
    • ISO 2768 - Linear Dimensions
  3. Basic Tolerances
  4. Clearance & Interference Fit
  5. Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T)
    • True Position
    • Flatness, Parallelism, & Perpendicularity
    • Concentricity & Profile
  6. Over-Tolerancing
  7. Over-Tolerancing Alternatives
  8. Stack-Up
  9. CAD Files
    • CAD Drawing Preparation
    • CAD Drawing Specification
  10. Inspection Methods Matter

Learn what you need to know about CNC tolerances

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